3 Month TLJIM Daniel fast

This fast will have variations that the normal Daniel fast does not allow, because its duration (90 days) is much longer than Daniel’s original fast.

What will be allowed on this specific Daniel Fast with TLJIM is:

  • Coffee with honey
  • Eggs
  • Corn chips and salsa
  • Kombucha is also allowed during the duration of this fast.

All other fasting elements and guidelines can be found on https://ultimatedanielfast.com/ultimate-daniel-fast-food-guidelines Please note again that this website will say things that are not allowed but in this case for the TLJIM Daniel Fast it is.

Please don’t over indulge and during this fast live with conviction to Holy Spirit

Fast Specifications

Fast Name: “Breakthrough Fast”

Prayer points and Fast focus:

  • Taking territory in the Realm of the Spirit
  • Consecration into friendship with God
  • Accessing the Anointing of a deliverer and overcomer.

Please choose an hour a day to pray during fasting

Fasting duration: January 1, 2023 – April 1, 2023

This fast is an invitation with the TLJIM Int. Ministries and at your own discretion you can join us! God bless you all